3 Consequences of Untreated Vaginal Yeast Infection

Have you recently suffered the symptoms of one or more vaginal yeast infections? Did you seek immediate treatment for the condition at the first sign of symptoms?

Bacterial Vaginosis vs Vaginal Candidiasis

Have you recently been experiencing a range of uncomfortable vaginal symptoms, including itching, vaginal discharge and an occasional burning sensation?

How to Self Test for Candidiasis

Are you wondering if the vaginal symptoms you’ve been experiencing could be the result of a yeast infection? Would you like to learn how to self test for candidiasis – some techniques you could use to be certain that is what you have?

5 Vaginal Candidiasis Complications

Are you currently suffering the symptoms of vaginal candidiasis, commonly referred to as vaginal yeast infection?

If so, you already know just how uncomfortable and irritating those pesky symptoms can be – symptoms like itching, irritation, burning and vaginal discharge.

How Do You Get Vaginal Yeast Infection?

If you were to go on the Internet searching for an answer to this popular question the chances are good that you’d find a wide variety of replies, some of which, unfortunately, would not be very accurate.

Diflucan Frequently Asked Questions

Diflucan is the only oral medication approved for the treatment of vaginal yeast infections due to Candida.

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